My mind gets still under these conditions

20000 or more feet above the earth

Sitting and sipping tea out of a paper up

Chilly feet

Warm heart

On my way to another adventure

It’s a miracle we’re alive at all.

A miracle that all 3 trillion cells in my body filled with oxygen and let me






Flying the miracle deepens

The miracle gets more vast

It’s like we saw the birds and said

Why should you be the only creatures who can fly?

Who can see with a third eye -

Who can soar above separateness and see everything as united

In unison


I want to remember in as many moment as are possible

That we are all the same


Pure conscious energy

The same stuff that makes up the stars, planes, crop circles - makes up you and me.

Once tapped into it feels wrong and backwards to ignore it.

You can’t unknow something once you know it.

You cannot unsee  after you’ve SEEN.

There is more beauty than ugly in this world but you have to keep peeling back the layers. Peel back at the fog that covers your true self.

There’s a jewel under all that muck.

Fire transforms

Fire purifies

But fire will burn you if you do not surrender to her power.

Surrender is where it’s at.

Serenity to accept what you cannot change.

Knowledge and wisdom about the difference between pain and uncomfort.

Uncomfortable is where we grow.

Where the magic happens.

Things that are hard for me are still hard but they get easier the more I practice.

Being vulnerable is a gift but one that needs bubble wrap levels of protection and the right handlers.

Spirits who are also seeking truth.

Those who know there is more to life than a paycheck.

More to life than checking all the boxes on a “perfect” life.

More than the hustle

More than your location

More than your address.

Will leaving New York be what I’m looking for?

Is this just what happens to my cells after an amount of time?

Is it just time - to go?

Leaving seems impossible which is probably why I should do it.

I should really just stop struggling.

The answer will present itself when I am finally ready to see it.

God doesn’t give us the things we can’t handle or aren’t ready for - of this I am sure.

I believe when I can let it go and let god - things immediately start to go better for me.

The things that perplex and confuse me become abundantly clear. The more clear you can get the more likely this wisdom and light can transmit to you.

Count your blessings baby - there are more than you even know.

Believe, try, but not too hard - and receive - everything the universe is trying to send you.



Written 8.9.18