Hi, I'm JZ!


Brooklyn based. Global native.

Creative designer, photographer, motion graphics artist & video pro. Mover, shaker, lover, light warrior. 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Laughing Lotus NYC.

I’m into bright colors, bold fonts, & white space. I'm into deep breaths and finding joy in every single day.

I want to create things that make people happy. I want to share my gifts with the world and help people find their inner light.

You can find me on my yoga mat, drinking chai, chasing light, chanting mantras & making people stop the car to take a photo. <3

Let's make something together!  

Hit me up at jakeezaccor@gmail.com to say hi or send me animal GIFs and your fave chai latte spots in your town. To work with me click here!

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