After completing my 200 Hr Teacher Training at Laughing Lotus NYC my love of photography and for the beauty of the human form was reignited and I am so happy to share images of the most beautiful souls - who's light shines inside and out. 


Earth goddess Kristin Rose Kellerher is an actress, singer, yogi and all around angel and I got to follow her around the North Woods of Central Park capturing some of the beautiful shapes and space she created among the trees, rocks and waterfalls hidden right in the middle of nyc!


Beautiful, wise and bendy Maren and I got some awesome shots in the East Village and along the river! Check out her awesome instagram for badass vegan recipes, astrology and serious “wokeness”. <3


Nicki and i had a blast playing around in the east village and finding secret gardens. Her light shines through in so many ways. Love this beautiful soul!


Chillin in Berkeley, CA with my long time babe Leah - I have known her since she was 7 and look at her now. Beautiful, spunky, funny AF, spiritually tuned in - a lover of animals and plants - she lights up every space she enters. So grateful we got to play a lil on the rooftops and hills!

Self Portraits