Squarespace Site Design

Take a look at some of the websites I have designed on Squarespace!


Website and store for the amazing Brittany Finnegan - MPH , L AC. - she specializes in acupuncture, apothecary, jewelry, and divination.


Yoga and Meditation site for the gorgeous, zen and bendy Nicole Montalbano.

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Updated design and web presence for widely published and renowned psychotherapist and sex therapist Dulcinea Pitagora LCSW, CST

Town of Bridport Vermont

Town of Bridport Vermont Official Website

Official town website for Bridport, Vermont population 1,220! Site is managed by the town clerk and treasurer and keeps the citizens of Bridport up to date on important news, forms and events.


Yoga, Meditation and Astrology Website for the incredible, lovely and wise Maren Altman.

Milstein Health Consulting

Got to work on this fun update to Dr. Susan Milstein’s Health Consulting business specializing in better sex education.


Resume and Blog for my friend and client, Pharmacist and wellness guru Tracy Anderson. 

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Aiesha Abel Acupuncture

Site is under new management but click below to see my designs!

Web Design For LinkedIn

These sites were built using Adobe CQ and LinkedIn's own platform.

LinkedIn Student Publishing Microsite: Art Director, Designer, Photo Editor, Website Producer

LinkedIn Next Wave 2015 List : Art Direction, Photo Editor, Website Producer