Hi there! I'm Jakee, but you can call me JZ!


I'm a "jackie of all trades" creative designer, photographer, motion graphics artist & video pro. Mover, shaker, lover, light warrior. 

I live in Brooklyn right now with my super rad cat named Lil' Swerve and a bunch of plants that i fight to keep alive.

I just received my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Laughing Lotus NYC after an intensive program in New York in the summer of 2018.

I’m into bright colors, bold fonts, & white space. I'm into deep breaths and finding joy in every single day. 

I want to create things that make people happy. I want to co create projects and magic together. Let's solve a problem, let's make some art, let's change the status quo. 


When I'm not on the web - you can find me on my yoga mat, under a tree, drinking chai, chasing light, chanting mantras & making my friends stop the car to take a photo. <3

Check out my Blog here!

Hit me up at jakeezaccor@gmail.com to say hi or send me animal GIFs and your fave chai latte spots in your town. To work with me click here!


To see my more official CV click here!